EComm + Studio, Lifestyle Photos

Visually Dynamic content for Modern brands



Plain backdrop images perfect for company e-commerce websites, online storefronts, Amazon, and Shopify.

Short Form and Stop motion video

Taking big ideas into bite-sized bursts of fun with engaging content to enhance the visual experience of your products.

Studio and Lifestyle

Showcase your brand's unique voice with images tailored to your style and audience. Great for product pages, social media, digital marketing campaigns and more.

Photo Retouching

Using advanced digital techniques and compositing, alongside intricate color correction and exposure adjustments to refine your photographs. Keeping up with the latest technology and A.I. generative tools to meet your specific artistic and editorial needs. 

I am Maria, Your next product photographer

There are many moving parts that go into a successful photoshoot. Accomplishing this task alone can be overwhelming. Have you been spending too much time scrolling through a nearly endless social media feed looking for inspiration but it feels difficult to gain a sense of direction? Maybe the other day you used your cell phone to snap a photo of your products only to say “I need better photos”. I am here to help! A full service photo studio providing high quality content for the Beauty, Wellness, and CPG industries. Elevating your brand content to highlight each tempting texture, vibrant color, and delicate detail.

Up to
Return on Investment

What the Clients Say

I initially began working with Maria when our company hired her as a full-time, in-house
photographer. Our needs are great in volume and varied in nature: everything from product and packaging silhouettes to ingredient beauty shots to lifestyle sets with live talent. Maria was deftly able to execute our regular requests with speed, with the amazing talent she possesses, and with glowing professionalism.

Aaron Komae

Level of expertise and results delivered. After the first session we realized Maria provides a reliable quality service.

Viviane Hebel
The Ant Society

Professional service, very easy to work with, feels like a collaboration and executes on your vision but plenty of check-ins along the way to make sure that the project is going in the right direction.  Maria is available, flexible and most importantly a very easy person to work with.  Her pricing is pretty reasonable with no hidden fees or charges or extra caveats attached to getting your creative assets. Very straightforward and honest in her business dealings and worth every penny for her skills!

Zain Pirani
No, Thank You
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About us

Creating beautiful imagery is what we strive for. It truly takes a team to capture the high quality photos your brand needs to really shine. We are here to alleviate that stress of content creation so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Art is our passion and photography is our medium. Let collaborate!

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