About me

Photography has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Since my first day of my black and white film class at Cypress College when I was 10 years old to present day, I have always loved this medium with an immense passion. 

I have explored many art subjects and mediums ranging from drawing to wheel throwing in high school and college. Basically, I am what you would refer to as a full-blown art nerd.

I’m lucky and honored to not only pursue my my passion but to share that with all the people I have met and created photographs for during my professional career.

I am versatile, which is evident in my portfolio. My adaptability has not only made me quick on my feet, but has allowed me to work within genres of photography I didn’t dream I would have to pleasure of doing. I love to explore new ways to make interesting photographs. I enjoy learning new things and no idea is too big.

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