There are times when I am not completely sure what may unfold when I’m working, but what I do know is that I will walk away with a new experience.

Here we have a photo of friend of mine, Janae. The challenge here was getting the right angle since she is significantly taller than me. We were wandering the streets of downtown Long Beach looking for great backdrops when we came across this very simple shrubbery that lined a building. After taking some very nice, clean portraits to be used for head shots I had her sit down on the sidewalk to get a different angle. (I’m glad she didn’t wear tall shoes or else I would have needed a foot stool). After some casual conversations followed by a series of not so serious facial expressions, giving us a both a good laugh cutting all remaining tensions, I caught her in this moment while she modeled her hat for me. She is always smiling and a warm hearted person, and this photo captures that the best out of the entire set of images I took. Nothing like a photograph to keep this moment still forever. I won’t be forgetting it.

Here is the full length image.



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